Auzbiz Interview: Graham Lees discusses the private credit market outlook

Graham Lees, Managing Director: Central banks are committed to containing inflation, interest rates are likely to stay higher for longer, and this means corporate credit deal activity levels picking up as a clearer picture around peak interest rates and inflation emerges.

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Auzbiz Interview: Peter Szekely provides an update on the current private credit market

In this week’s auzbiz interview, TCP’s managing partner Peter Szekely shares his insights into the outlook of private credit in Australia.

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Auzbiz Interview: Peter Szekely shares his insights into the current state of private debt

Peter Szekely shares his insights into the current state of private debt, highlighting it as an appealing prospect for investors due to enduring high rates. He anticipates these rates to persist for the next 12 to 18 months, mainly driven by the mid 5% Australian inflation and tight labour markets.

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TCP Insights: The Rising Prominence of Private Credit in Asia

Whilst TCP’s core focus is on Australia and New Zealand, we will also invest selectively in developed Asian markets. We take a closer look at why Asia stands out as a key focus region as Private Credit’s center of gravity shifts to this area.

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Auzbiz Interview: Peter Szekely discusses why private credit is a compelling investment

Peter Szekely from Tanarra Credit Partners discusses the benefits of private credit investments for retail and institutional investors. With various protections and low volatility, private credit is a compelling investment on a risk-return basis.

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Private Credit – higher returns vs. bank lending does not always equate to outsized risk

TCP takes a closer look at why the higher returns offered by Private Credit vs traditional bank lending does not necessarily equate to outsized risk: fund manager experience in deal selection and structuring with downside protection is crucial in mitigating risk

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